TBS124 3 Things you can do to get your website making money NOW

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matt jones tradie web guysWebsites.

We all have them (or at least you should!) but not all of us get a return from our investment in them.

It’s tough to know what the ‘right’ thing is to focus on with your online strategy sometimes. With so much information and so many experts telling us what we need to change or upgrade, where do you start?

We thought we’d get someone on to boil it all down to the simple things you really should focus your time and money on. Someone who only does websites for tradies and therefore understands their needs.

site shed podcastMatt Jones from Tradie Web Guys is just that person. He’s way more interested in getting your website to make you money through attracting and engaging clients than he is in pretty websites that don’t do much.

He’s also a fellow podcaster with his new show The Site Shed aiming to help tradies get the results they want from their business. Sounds familiar….!