TBS125 How to avoid employer-employee suffering

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Employers. Employees. A battle royale.

Well, you’d think that’s what it was all about with the way some of us carry on! There seems to be a divide between employers, bosses, business owners, whatever you want to call them and employees, staff, workers or team. The amusing part of this is that we all start out as employees and many of us then go on to own our own business and become employers. Somewhere in there, we all lose touch with the others’ needs and wants and somehow, end up fighting and literally hating on each other!

Well, it is possible to have a great team. To work for a great boss. Even to have both in the same business at the same time!

Wazza and Jay over at Throw Buddha on the Barbie recently discussed this exact topic from the perspective of the suffering endured by both parties… and how to solve it.

We thought it was good enough to share with you as a Tradies Business Show listener so strap yourself in as the fellas fire up the bbq and help you figure out how to bridge the gap in your trade and contracting business.