TBS127 How to get out of overwhelm and off the hamster wheel

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kelly Execter

Our guest Kelly Exeter

Round and round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows!

For many of us, this is an apt description of our lives. Busily racing from this appointment to that customer to another meeting before rushing home to be late for dinner (again) and then hastily kissing the kids (and maybe the better half) goodnight, only to repeat the whole process the next day. And the next. And the next.

With all the talk of productivity, effectiveness and getting sh*t done you’d be forgiven for thinking the answer to your problems was more of the same. Learning how to fit more in.

Well, it seems our guest on today’s episode has come up with a better way.  

Kelly Exeter has ‘been there done that’ when it comes to being busy. So much so that she actually had a pretty serious breakdown a few years back when it all became too much.  We chat to Kelly about her second book, Practical Perfection, which launched today and how Kelly’s model could just be the secret to you leading a happier, more balanced and enjoyable life.


Kelly’s model for achieving ‘practical perfection’


Get Kelly’s Book here (just 99c on Kindle for this week only)










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