TBS129 Shut up, get up and give it a go with Justin Fankhauser

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With the easy access to information in our modern age, it can seem like there’s almost too much knowledge on how to be successful and achieve your goals.

Where do I start? What’s the best strategy for me? Am I doing enough? Who do I trust? How do I know if I’m on the right track?

Shut up! Get up! And give it a go!

 No, we’re not shouting at you…this happens to be the title of the book written by today’s guest on the show.  As confronting as these words may seem, this is some of the simplest, most practical advice we’ve heard from an expert in ages!

Justin Fankhauser started his locksmithing business with $5000 and a station-wagon – and with no understanding on how to run a business. In ten years TopLock Locksmiths became a seven-figure business.  Sometimes, all you need is to stop analysing, agonising, worrying, testing, forecasting and simply shut up, get up and literally give it a go.  Only then can you truly figure out what’s working and what’s not. What’s best for you, for your business and for your life.

Listen in as Justin Fankhauser, or ‘Fanga’ as he’s affectionately known, shares his story of how he overcame the odds stacked against him, as he trained himself into getting up and making the change he needed to live a successful life.  Justin now helps other tradies achieve success and literally get off the tools via his kickassbusinessonline site.

Justin Fankhauser Check out Justin’s website HERE where you can also buy a copy of his book, Shut up, get up and give it a go.

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