TBS131 The youngest ever member of Australian Parliament Wyatt Roy talks innovation

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We had to get the best t-shirts out today as Wyatt Roy, Assistant Minister for Innovation joins us for a chat.  

There’s nothing like politics to stir up some big debate and even bigger emotions. 

We’ve steered clear of political debate here at The Tradies Business Show but we thought it was time to man/woman up and stop avoiding this important area of being in business.

Rather than just grab your stereotypical, middle aged, middle class, caucasian male member of parliament, we thought we’d talk to the youngest ever member of Australian parliament. Wyatt Roy also happens to be the Assistant Minister for Innovation and the first of his farming family to complete high school.

With a degree in economics and a passion for helping people, Wyatt really is busting some paradigms about our ‘pollies’.

He talks to us about his desire to have less government in our lives, his thoughts on Australia’s internet speeds, the reforms to the building industry and much more!

This is up there with one of our best interviews so put your preconceived ideas aside and listen in. We reckon you’ll have a new take on our elected representatives after this chat!

Wyatt Roy MP

Michaela Clark, Wyatt Roy MP, Warrick Bidwell

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