TBS133 NEWS FLASH Google Mobile Responsive Website Changes

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Sometimes when I’m alone…I Google myself.

It’s a bit of a joke but in reality, you should Google yourself (and your business) to see how you rank, what comes up AND whether your site really is mobile responsive.

Google has been giving preference in rankings for mobile responsive sites for a while but they’re about to tighten this up further in the coming months. This makes it even more important to ensure your website is truly mobile responsive (as opposed to having a dedicated mobile website).

With a large percentage of searches being performed on mobile devices and tablets, do you really want to be missing out on enquiries because a prospective client couldn’t be bothered ‘pinching and panning’ on their small-screen device?

We thought not, so today we chat to Matt Jones from Tradie Web Guys and The Site Shed podcast about what you need to do to stay on top of these changes.