TBS134 Three lessons from Wazza’s big split

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If you’re in business with your ‘significant other’ then chances are you’ve had some sort of disagreement or altercation. The same can be said if you’ve got long term employees, business partners or key stakeholders that you deal with on a regular basis.

It seems to be an accepted part of a long term relationship with another human being that emotions will sometimes get in the way of ‘adulting’. Sadly, these dynamics can become so ingrained and so restrictive that relationships break down.

Michaela finally convinced Wazza to open up on the show about his own relationship breakdown. Not because he wanted to and not to simply ‘out him’ on the show, but there are some valuable lessons and insights for all of us from Warrick’s experience.

We hope you can take something from this revealing chat with Warrick…and potentially avoid some painful lessons of your own.