TBS135 Technology Update with Clinton from TradiePad

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Cowboys. They’re everywhere. At least that’s how it seems sometimes when you’re running your business and seem to come up against lower priced, less experienced, inferior quality tradesmen. 

Problem is, the same is true for almost every other industry and the cloud technology sector is no exception. When it comes to getting cloud based software and systems set up in your business there are good advisers… and then there are, well, some others!

Clinton from TradiePad is a former tradie himself and after putting cloud based systems and technology into place in his trade business, he saw massive improvements in productivity and profitability. So much so that he decided to quit the trade and help other trade and contractor business owners to do the same!

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Clinton has many years experience with hundreds of other tradies and really knows his stuff. Unfortunately, it can be tough to know who the good operators are… and who to avoid so in this episode we chat to Clinton about the questions you should ask your cloud provider, what the latest developments are in cloud technology for tradies and also, some simple tips on getting ‘into the cloud’.