TBS140 Real Tradie Stories with Nic The Builder’s Wife

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Today’s podcast guest features Nic from popular The Builder’s Wife blog.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that blogging is kind of old hat. With literally millions of them online these days it’s somewhat hard to believe that they have any kind of impact on your marketing efforts.

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One blog that is proving the effectiveness of this strategy though is ‘Nicole The Builder’s Wife’. 

This blog has charted the journey of Nicole and her husband’s renovation of a classic ‘Queenslander’ style home in Brisbane and has directly contributed to them picking up new contracts and their decision to specialise to only renovate Queenslanders for their clients.

The beautiful PEN Y LLECHWEDD The Builder's Wife

The beautiful PEN Y LLECHWEDD


We talk to Nic about how the blog came about; how her and husband Adam have managed to work together successfully; what impact the blog has had on their business and what some of their big lessons have been since starting Fernbrooke Homes.