TBS141 Real Tradie Stories with Mike Piercey from Cornerstone Landscapes

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When we started the Tradies Business Show we hoped that at least a few tradies would listen, get some value and implement some of our ideas and strategies to improve their business and their life. What we didn’t anticipate was that people would not only listen, but listen to every. single. episode…!

Mike Piercey from Cornerstone Landscapes is one such listener. Not only that, Mike decided to start his very own trade business after hearing some of our rantings. He’s gone on to create a successful, growing (pardon the pun) landscaping business and shares with us his journey. 

We love our real tradie stories episodes and this one’s no exception. Listen in as Mike talks about some of his big lessons that are relevant whether you’re just starting out, or well established in your business.

Check out Mike’s website here