TBS143 Fear of change and taking imperfect action

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They say the only constant in life is change.

So why are so many of us so scared of it? It seems one common way to avoid change and the amazing benefits it so often brings, is to get stuck on doing things ‘perfectly’.

This manifests in the form of control behaviours like clinging to menial and low-value tasks ourselves (think: doing your own bookkeeping or spending hours on designing your own letterhead).

Rather than get bogged down in self-fulfilling behaviours that keep us from the real work in our businesses and lives, wouldn’t it be better to delegate or outsource the small stuff to someone? 

Part of the resistance often comes from the old “but they can’t do it as good as me” syndrome and Michaela talks to Waz about a friend of hers in just that situation.

The guys share some tips and stories that might help you to avoid falling into the same trap…