TBS147 What tradies can learn from 90 thousand solopreneurs

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Ever feel like you’re ‘going it alone’ in your trade or contractor business?

Sometimes it can be tough as a sole trader or small to medium enterprise (SME). Not only are you on the ground doing the ‘work’, you also have to take care of your marketing, sales, finance, planning and still keep a smile on your face PLUS have some sort of personal or family life.


Despite how you might feel sometimes, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, Flying Solo is a community of solo and micro-preneurs that share very similar issues every day. 90,000 of them in fact!

We have an inspiring chat with Robert Gerrish, the founder of Flying Solo and a man passionate about small business, success and living a life of meaning and fulfillment.  Robert has been a business commentator on ABC Four Corners, A Current Affair, Sky Business, Fairfax Digital, 2UE and ABC Radio.  He has a wealth of experience in small and large business and shares his insights gleaned from years of growing and nurturing Australia’s busiest small business discussion forum.  He’s also the host of the Flying Solo Podcast and co-author of the business bestseller, Flying Solo: How to go it alone in business.

Find out how you can leverage the power of community in your business, why sharing with others is so powerful and what his number one tip is for tradies in business!