TBS149 Wazza gets cranky about customer service

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Remember when large companies had ‘complaints departments’? It’s almost like they were inviting people to have a whinge. Nowadays we have different terminology in some of the big corporates. Terms like customer fulfilment division and customer satisfaction department get closer to the purpose of these teams but in reality, they’re little more than excuse making, bandaid applying diversions for many of the businesses we deal with. 

Sadly, many small to medium businesses don’t seem to have figured this out yet either and in today’s episode, we run through some personal experiences Wazza has had lately that highlight the need for you to be more mindful of how you deal with your customers. Don’t wait til they complain either. You should be proactively looking to delight your customers at every step but, in the event something does go awry, don’t be like the businesses we rant about on this episode of the show!