TBS177 Nutrition, movement and mindfulness with Pip Seldon from the Healthy Tradie Project

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A Project Manager for the past 17yrs, Pip Seldon is quite happy stepping on to site in her hard hat, boots and high vis to mix it with tradies of the construction industry.

It took the loss of a family member though for her to recognise the need for change in this male dominated world.  In 2009, she immersed herself in health studies covering nutritional science, weight management, mindset and behaviour change, functional exercise programming and coaching.

Unfortunately most people don’t realise the extent that nutrition affects how we perform on the job. Not only does the food we eat affect our performance, how we feel and think, it impacts our mood, our energy levels and mental clarity.

Pip is on a mission to change lives in a way that uses information and education about the benefits of including whole, real food, mindfulness and everyday movement in our lives.