TBS183 How to build your dream team with Aleki from Alfastream

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“You can’t get good staff”

How often have we heard that old chestnut? How often have you said it?

Sadly, it’s partly true and in this modern era attracting and retaining good people to your team is a key to growing a solid, sustainable trade business. While recruiting, training, systems and management are all part of the formula, creating a solid team culture is often overlooked. Perhaps in part because we don’t know how to build that culture.

Today’s guest has worked his way from the bottom…the very bottom, to having a team of 70+ workers in a very tough industry – formworking. You want to meet some hard men and women? Hang around one of Aleki’s job sites. With bullying, substance abuse and corruption still very much a part of some larger worksites in this country, find out how Aleki has created a team and a team culture that transcends it all.