TBS186 Price vs Value and Miracle Sandbags with Andre John

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Here’s a riddle for you – do customers want the cheapest price, the best quality, the fastest delivery or the best experience?

The answer is easy. They want it all!

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is true. After all, in today’s age of faster, cheaper technology, online shopping and social media delivering everything to us almost instantly it makes sense that customers would want the same when dealing with you, their tradesperson.

Dig a little deeper though and you start to uncover some additional factors that influence people’s buying choices. 

Their values. What’s important to them. Think about your own purchasing decisions in the past year…have you always bought the absolute cheapest? Perhaps it was a trade off between speed, quality and price?

In any case, there is much evidence to show that people still want the best value and value is a personal and subjective term. Many customers are willing to pay a slightly higher (and sometimes much higher!) rate for convenience, ease of implementation and more. Factors that don’t equate to the cheapest price.

My guest on this episode represents one such product. Andre John from Miracle Sandbags has brought a product to Australia that isn’t the cheapest in it’s market. Not by a long shot. Despite this, the product has proved extremely successful in the USA and looks to do the same here.


It solves a problem many people wish they could! That’s the key to a great value proposition. Solving a problem effectively and efficiently at a reasonable cost. Andre and I chat about this concept and how it applies to your business…and how you can make more sales at higher prices if you understand the fundamentals.

In addition to being a very insightful podcast guest, Andre also is very excited about his latest product. Bunnings have picked it up and are stocking it an personally I believe it could revolutionise the way trades handle water.

Check out the Miracle Sandbags here and find out why these things should be in every tradesperson’s ute or van!

I want some to keep in the shed at home!

You could also win your very own Miracle Sandbag kit just by posting on the Tradies Business Show Facebook page with “how could you use your miracle sandbags?” . There are 3 twin packs up for grabs worth $29.95 each so get posting!