TBS188 Travelling Tradies – use your trade to score free overseas travel

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My guest today is a man on a mission…with a moustache.

His name is Adam Valastro and while his moustache doesn’t officially have a name, his business certainly does.

Travelling Tradies was created by Adam, and essentially, that’s what he does. After working in construction for nearly a decade, Adam travelled the world for nearly three years to 11 countries and spent less than $12,000. He used his skills to fix, repair, and construct anything and everything for free food and accommodation. He painted. He changed doors. He fixed leaking taps and fixed toilets. He did all the handyman tasks that normally would cost a fortune. Adam not only made lifelong friends. He got to travel super affordably. Adam had a rewarding experience, and his whole perspective of the world totally changed.

Adam chats with me about his transition from tradie to business owner and entrepreneur, some of the tough times that shaped him, losing people, finding himself and what gets him out of bed in the mornings.

Adam’s also running a competition at the moment where you could win a month long trip overseas so check out Travelling Tradies for more info!