TBS192 How to stand out from your competition with Josh from Printed Workwear

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You’re going on a date. You want to make sure you look good. After all, first impressions count, don’t they? Sure they do! You fix your hair, wear your best shirt or skirt, maybe clean those shoes, perhaps pop on some perfume or cologne.

Right. Now you’re ready to meet them.

So why not do the same in your business? With your customers? After all, first impressions count don’t they?

They sure do!

In fact, you have less than 3 seconds to make a good impression…and it’s one that lasts whether it was a good impression or not!

One simple and cost effective way to make a good impression and to make your team feel good about themselves, is to have ‘proper’ workwear.

Not just the stuff that meets WH&S guidelines but gear that really looks good and fits well.

Today I chat with Josh from Printed Workwear Online about what goes into good workwear design, colour, logo and more. You might think it’s simply a matter of slapping your logo on a t-shirt but done right, good workwear can make a real difference when all your prospects have to go on is a quote and number at the bottom.

Besides, who likes wearing daggy old threads around town…you never know who might take a fancy to you!


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