TBS194 How to innovate in your trade business with Laura from 8 Homes

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Adapt or die.

It’s a pretty blunt maxim for life…and business. And with the pace of change in today’s digital business landscape, how on earth do you keep ahead of the wave in your trade business?

Well, one such building company has found a unique way to do just that. Villawood, one of Australia’s leading residential land developers and it’s team of home builders, has put together an exciting new initiative – Australia’s first virtual display village.

Yep! You can walk through a number of display ‘homes’ without leaving the comfort of your couch!

In today’s episode, I chat to Laura from Eight Homes about their involvement in the project along with Villawood and how they’re all using it to stand out from the myriad of home builders in the market today. It’s a fascinating insight into how to grow your business when you face a lot of competition, how to create a unique offering and also, how to make yourself more attractive to larger players when it comes to securing ongoing referral work.

Check it out…really, not virtually 😉