howdy and welcome to your guest spot on the tradies in business podcast!

Please watch the short video and read the info below to maximise the value both you and our listeners get from your episode...

Hello! Waz and Nic here.

We're stoked you'll soon be a part of the Tradies In Business podcast.

Please watch the video above for some tips to make sure the experience is a great one, and that everyone gets your message...

  • Be sure to sit in a location with soft furnishings, carpet, drapes and minimal echo (wardrobes are perfect!)
  • Kick the kids (or the staff!) off the internet to avoid drop-outs
  • Grab your phone earbuds/airpods and use them for the mic and speakers... reduces echo, and distractions!
  • Think about your 'story' and what you're proud of, struggles you've been through or problems you've solved. Remember, everybody has a unique experience and yours is equally interesting
  • Finally, relax! If this is your first time, we'll be gentle (promise). Either way, we're pretty casual and like to laugh so we guarantee it won't be as bad as you fear.

REMEMBER to also email your logo, headshot and share your social handles with us so we can get your story out to tradies in business everywhere!