TBS197 How to get clients to pay you with James from Bill Chaser

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What’s worse than cold calling? Fingernails on a blackboard? Shutting your finger in the car door?

Calling to chase debtors perhaps?

It’s certainly up there on the list of things business owners dislike doing but it’s sadly one of the necessary parts of running a business. From time to time you’ll have customers who just don’t pay, or at least don’t pay on time.

But what to do about it?

Many of us get frustrated, angry even but feel there’s not much that can be done. “That’s just how it is” you might say…especially in the trades.

Well, think again. While debt collectors have been around for a while, there’s a new kid on the block… Bill Chaser is a new service particularly designed for tradies. In this episode, I chat with James Stewart, one of Bill Chaser’s founders, about all things collecting debts. James shares some super simple things you can put in place in your trade business today to ensure you’re getting paid on time… and it doesn’t have to involve bearded men on motorbikes… plus, we look at what it takes to start a business (James has 5 on the go!), how to get people to cooperate and there’s a special offer for Tradies Business Show listeners!

Check out Bill Chaser online and if you decide to utilise their services, simply enter the promo code WINGMAN to receive 10% off their fees.

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