TBS009: 2 Ways To Grow Revenue Without Spending A Cent

Today, Warrick and Michaela go on a bit of a rant. We’re not sure if it’s the heat or the extra shot of coffee but your hosts express their frustration (and concern) at businesses who don’t return phone enquiries, don’t do what they say they’re going to do and make it hard for their customers to buy from them.

We outline two simple things tradies can do to increase their topline revenue without sacrificing any of their bottom line profits. A true win:win!

TBS008: How To Have A Healthy Body, Mind and Bottom Line with Sharny Kieser

Today we interview Sharny Kieser who, along with husband Julius, has authored 13 books on fitness including
the worldwide bestsellers FITlosophy 1&2, Healthy Junk, Fit, Healthy Happy Kids and Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum. They have 5 children and live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Find out more by heading to their website

Sharny talks with us about:

-How to keep fit when you’re tired after a long day on the tools
-Eating right for energy, stamina and a good looking bod
-Balancing work, family, exercise and meal planning, and
-Some simple tips on keeping your relationship hot!

TBS007: How To Market Your Business and Get More Bums On Seats

Today we’re talking marketing and how to get more ‘bums on seats’ in your business. There are some simple ways to market your business that don’t require much, if any, spending. We’ll show you how to:

-Increase your marketing without increasing your spending
-How simply recording where your enquiries are coming from can help save you money… and make you more!
-The difference between marketing and advertising
-Why size really does matter…

TBS006: Improving Your Cashflow With Matt Mulligan From MYOB

In this episode we talk everything cashflow and announce our new sponsor – MYOB and their PayDirect solution. MYOB’s Head of Product Matt Mulligan talks about his top three tips for managing cashflow and how changes in technology are helping to give tradies their Saturdays back.

What Winning Taught Me About Losing

Were you one of those ‘sporty kids’ at school? I wasn’t.  Perhaps you were one of those kids who always seemed to literally fly past me in the 100 metre race, snatching the first place ribbon while my little legs appeared to fail to keep up with my ambition. Or … Read More

TBS005: Real Tradies Stories – Ben Perren, Adrian Perren Plumbing

Today’s episode is all about taking over a 30 year old family business and turning it into thriving modern day plumbing operation. Our special guest is Sunshine Coast local plumber Ben Perren from Adrian Perren Plumbing.

What you will learn:

– how to successfully take over the family business
– how technology can help save you hours a week with your job management
– importance of networking to grow your business

TBS002: Real Tradies Stories – Adam Ellis

In this episode we talk to Adam Ellis from Allied Drafting Services about how to: find and develop a great team, deal with challenges in your industry especially around pricing how to make money by being a bit different and the value of caring in business   Links and resources … Read More

TBS 001: Welcome to the Tradies Business Show

This first episode is all about learning what the Tradies Business Show mission is as well as finding out who the hell the co-hosts of the Tradies Business Show are – Warrick Bidwell and Michaela Clark.

PLUS we share one thing that you can start doing today that will lead to massive results in your trade and construction small business.