Why Reading Books Could Be Bad For Your Business

It’s a commonly taught principle that  ‘the more you learn, the more you earn’. It’s true isn’t it? The more you know about sales, budgeting, negotiations, marketing and so on the more money you can make in business right? Well, maybe. At your fingertips, you currently have access to over … Read More

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

Well it’s the beginning of another year, a chance to start afresh, a chance to ponder on what your dreams are and yearn more so than usual for success and achievement. At the start of each year our Facebook feeds and barbeque conversations are riddled with New Year’s Resolutions, positivity … Read More

Are you getting enough?

How many times have you seen or heard of a business that’s closed its doors and thought to yourself “how is that possible?”  They appeared to be doing so well, they had customers coming through the door, they were growing, employing people, and all of a sudden you read in … Read More

Cats and Dogs

What do dogs and cats have to do with marketing and business success? Well as business owners, I find we tend to be like cats, actually more like kittens. We’re easily distracted by those bright, shiny objects. Have you ever seen a kitten when a new toy rolls past or … Read More

Yeah… But…

It’s funny, after years of coaching and presenting to many hundreds of people, I’m still amazed sometimes by the responses I get. I’m delivering a 2 day training session for a client at the moment and one of the participants has made it quite clear to me that he/she already … Read More

Shop Local

Shop local. It’s how to bolster the local economy, create jobs, improve social dynamics. All sorts of benefits come from buying goods and services from the ‘corner store’ instead of some multi-national, rainforest burning, soul-less giant. What a load of crap. Now, before you click away from this article and … Read More

It’s Easy…Just Ask!

Did you learn as a child that it was polite to ask? I did. Problem is, I forgot how to do it as an adult…and it seems many of the business owners I talk to have too. I don’t mean we’re all being rude. What I’m talking about is we … Read More

No thanks, I’m just looking…

I was reading a story in social media recently (so it must be true right?) of a person who, after getting tired of people ‘just looking’ in her shop decided to charge $5 for anyone who came in for a look without buying. Now that might seem like a good … Read More