TBS191 Michael Boltman from Brenniston First Aid talks happy wives, business failure and knowing your strengths

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Safety first. 

It’s something we use a bit tongue-in-cheek these days but it’s so important. A bit of the old ‘plan for the worst, expect the best’ doesn’t go astray when it comes to safety on site, in the workplace or in our homes.

So what about when things don’t go to plan? Well, it’s important to have the tools on hand to deal with small…and not so small…mishaps.

Today we chat to Michael Boltman from Brenniston First Aid. Michael and his wife Pia have been running Brenniston for a while now, after originally buying a business they had no idea how to run!

Talk about preparing for the worst! Luckily (and with a whole lot of hard work) Michael and Pia have gone on to grow one of Australia’s leading first aid supplies companies. Michael shares some very candid insights into their early lessons with business, running a team, pitching for new customers and how to deal with failure, painting your own warehouse and dealing with ‘cowboys’ and low-price providers in an industry. Brenniston are an Australian company selling Australian made products so there’s heaps to learn from Michael about running a ‘quality’ business in the face of competition from overseas.

Michael and I could have chatted for hours so I’m keen to get him back on the show. If you enjoyed the episode hit me on the Tradies Business Show Facebook page and let me know!


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