5 mistakes to avoid when growing your trade business

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Today’s Episode features Michael Garrone from Business Depot who shares his tips for a sustainable  and fast growing trade business. 

It’s exciting.



Nerve wracking.

Growing your business is one of the most talked about, strategised over, strived for and perhaps misunderstood topics around!

It’s been said that any fool can make money but it takes real brains to keep it.

The same can be said for growing a business.

With some sweat and determination, sales can be increased through simple increases in activity.

Simple stuff like networking, flyer drops and even door knocking and cold calling will, in almost all cases, yield results. And while it may be fairly simple to grow most businesses, it’s the profitable, sustainable growth that is a mystery to many.

Too often, business owners grow their top line revenue and neglect their bottom line profits.

This also results in the inevitable cashflow squeeze and sadly, many a business failure as a result of insufficient funds for continued operation.

So how do you avoid the ‘growth sucks cash’ problem that plagues so many motivated, fired-up tradies and contractors?

Today’s guest, Michael Garrone from Business Depot, gives us 5 simple tips for avoiding the growth disaster facing many tradie business owners.