TIB007 Making Super Super! with Anne from BUSSQ

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Super (or superannuation) can be a bit of a dry topic.

Today’s guest on the podcast will change all that and share some important insights into why you should be thinking about super, even if you’re not planning your retirement!

BUSSQ offer some awesome extra services for people in the trades and want you to feel super about your super! From initial, free financial planning consultations to financial crisis help and awesome partnerships with organisations like CoverCard, BUSSQ is there to primarily help its members.

Anne also helps answer questions like “should I have a self managed super fund?” and “how do I find all my lost super?” as well as busting some common myths about super and retirement planning.

[If you’re wanting to find your lost super, CLICK HERE to go to the search service.]

Anne’s greatest wish is that nobody sticks their head in the sand about superannuation, for themselves and their employees, so head on over to BUSSQ and get in touch with the team!


P.S. BUSSQ is NOT just for tradies… it’s open to all industries so even if you’re a supplier or associated trade support business you can still join.

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