How To Get Your Partner To Listen To You….

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I stopped short of titling this post, how to get your husband to listen to you because I am sure it is a problem in all business partnerships regardless of relationship status, but my motivation for this post comes from my own experience as a Builder’s wife. Working with your significant other certainly increases the

The Best Business Tip I Ever Received

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I was a late adopter of the tip I’m going to give you, but let me assure you, it is a game changer! It is never too late to learn and implement this tip. Whether you are looking to up your business game, grow your business or get off the tools, this is the best

All Your Customers Are Price Shoppers

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All your customers are price shoppers Yep. All of them. All they want is the cheapest price. It’s true! Except there’s a catch and it’s the same thing that’s an opportunity for you, the business owner. While everyone wants the cheapest price, it’s only one of potentially a number of considerations when making a purchase.

My Number One Time Saving Tip For Your Business

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  I know the juggle, you’ve worked all day on the tools, you are tired and yet there is a mountain of work to do again when you get back to your office. There is the paperwork to sort, quotes to do, materials to order, stress, pressure and more stress! Quoting is the number one

How To Take A Real Holiday

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Taking a holiday is front of mind this time of year. With all the stress of the silly season, it is the thought of a holiday that keeps us ploughing on. When we take a holiday though, we often don’t really relax, the phone is still on, the emails keep coming. If you could take a

The Power Of A Niche

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The Power Of A Niche I’m not talking about a wall niche here, yes, they are lovely but they don’t have any power! I’m talking about finding a niche for your business. Say what??! You want me to narrow down my business to one niche?? Yep, I sure do, and when you do, I promise you will

TBS182 Are we too PC and what is it costing us?

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We've come a long way as a society in the past few hundred years (or more). Huge advances in technology, healthcare, working conditions and our treatment of groups such as women, children, immigrants and so on. Sometimes, we see the pendulum swing too far in the other direction and in today's episode I chat to

Risky business for tradies

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In addition to watching their backs this Tradies National Health Month, Tradies are being encouraged to ensure their safety practices are up to scratch to avoid serious injury or even death. It comes as Australia’s tradies continue to have among the poorest health and safety conditions of workers across all sectors. Statistics have shown that

How We Land 92% of Our Clients – and a Simple Plan For You to do It Too

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It’s the biggest challenge of tradies everywhere:  balancing finding the work with doing the work.  When a potential client rings, it’s not going to be while you’re sitting staring at the phone, waiting for it to ring.  You know it’ll only ring while you’re up a ladder or crawling through a ceiling… It’s Tradies Law. 

The trouble with customers

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Customers, or clients, can be a real pain. Getting paid, or at the very least getting paid on time, mismatched customer expectations, quality disputes, poor customer reviews, payment retentions, bad mouthing and all manner of headaches can befall business owners in their day to day dealings with clients. It’s easy to blame customers for not