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Should You Be Marketing To Your Email List?

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In this age of email, you should have an email address for each of your previous customers. Hopefully, you have them all sitting nicely inside a polished CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement tool) or if you're like most of the tradies we know, they'll be knocking around on a sheet of paper somewhere, or in your

Networking Tips For Tradies

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Do you hate networking as much as I do? Truly as often as I do it, I find nothing more intimidating than walking into a room full of strangers ready to network. Yet it really is one of the most powerful business tools to master. Read on for 7 Networking tips to help you be

TIB021 Ryan Wilson Talks Tradies Giving Back And Helping Those In Need

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    Ryan Wilson from Free Trade Day shares his emotional story of how he came to create 'Free Trade Day' that over the 3 years it's been running, has gone from a viral Facebook post to something quite spectacular! Want to be in the business of kindness and give back this year? Drop by

My Number One Time Saving Tip For Your Business

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  I know the juggle, you’ve worked all day on the tools, you are tired and yet there is a mountain of work to do again when you get back to your office. There is the paperwork to sort, quotes to do, materials to order, stress, pressure and more stress! Quoting is the number one

TBS190 How to avoid a building or renovating disaster with Amelia from Undercover Architect

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"Aaaarrgghhh! They've put the window in the wrong place!" If you've ever built or renovated a home you might be familiar with those words...or words like them! Almost everyone has a horror story from that time they renovated the bathroom, extended the family room or built their dream home.  Why are these stories so persistent?

Risky business for tradies

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In addition to watching their backs this Tradies National Health Month, Tradies are being encouraged to ensure their safety practices are up to scratch to avoid serious injury or even death. It comes as Australia’s tradies continue to have among the poorest health and safety conditions of workers across all sectors. Statistics have shown that

The trouble with customers

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Customers, or clients, can be a real pain. Getting paid, or at the very least getting paid on time, mismatched customer expectations, quality disputes, poor customer reviews, payment retentions, bad mouthing and all manner of headaches can befall business owners in their day to day dealings with clients. It’s easy to blame customers for not

Old skool is the new skool

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Have you noticed how everything old seems to be new again?  Well, perhaps not hypercolour undies but we've certainly seen some things from 'the good old days' come back in fashion. Unlike hypercolour and big hair, there ARE some cool things businesses used to do that STILL work! Waz and Michaela run through some simple,

TBS160 Bridging the gap – an exciting new way to get rid of paperwork

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  Apps. They've taken over the world (or at least our technology devices). With so many on the market how do you decide which is the right one for your business? And do we really need another app that's going to revolutionise our lives? Well, we're super excited to be partnering with the latest app

TBS153 One of our listeners gets off his bum and takes our advice

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In this episode we share another Real Tradie Story. This time it's Tony Richardson from The Tidy Painter. Tony is a regular listener to the show like many of you but this time, Tony decided to actually implement our advice! He shares some exciting numbers with us from executing a simple 'reboot past customers' strategy. In fact, Tony converted the leads he received into jobs worth almost $10,000! Tune in to find out what he did, including the actual email text he used!