TIB008 Like LinkedIn for Tradies, Only Better! with Josh from Good Work

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Hands up if you love networking! No? Don't worry, even if you're good at it there's a fair chance you don't love it. Which could explain why many of us don't do it! Despite knowing that networking is a powerful way to get more business, find subcontractors or builders to work with and to raise

The Power Of A Niche

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The Power Of A Niche I’m not talking about a wall niche here, yes, they are lovely but they don’t have any power! I’m talking about finding a niche for your business. Say what??! You want me to narrow down my business to one niche?? Yep, I sure do, and when you do, I promise you will

TBS201 DIY SEO in case you’re an IDK on Google with Kate Toon

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SEO is super important and super hard and expensive to do. You'd think that was true, based on the comments and complaints of many of our listeners and my Tradie Wingman clients. The reality is, SEO can be quite challenging to master and there are (like any industry) unscrupulous operators charging lots and delivering... well... not

TBS198 Unlocking the secret to more word of mouth with Robert Gerrish author of The 1 Minute Commute

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If you're like most tradies, you probably get a lot of your business from word of mouth. Here's a question for you though...what the heck is that, exactly? Is it spontaneous referrals? Raving fans out doing your selling for you? Accidental tip-offs? Even more importantly, if you're going to be a responsible, proactive trade business

TBS194 How to innovate in your trade business with Laura from 8 Homes

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Adapt or die. It's a pretty blunt maxim for life...and business. And with the pace of change in today's digital business landscape, how on earth do you keep ahead of the wave in your trade business? Well, one such building company has found a unique way to do just that. Villawood, one of Australia's leading

TBS193 How to King Kong your marketing with Sabri Suby

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We all know that to be a great marketer you have to be one of 'those' creative types. Wrong. To be a great marketer you need to be great with data. You've also got to be good at analysing, testing, making decisions and making sure your advertising is generating a positive return on investment. Marketing that doesn't

TBS189 Getting a 15 times return on Facebook ads and NOT doing what you’ve always done with Nick May from Walls By Design

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Unless you've been living under a rock you'd know that social media, and Facebook especially, gets a lot of eyeballs a lot of the time! My guest today has been on the show a number of times and Nick May from Walls by Design just keeps going from strength to strength. Last time we spoke

TBS186 Price vs Value and Miracle Sandbags with Andre John

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Here's a riddle for you - do customers want the cheapest price, the best quality, the fastest delivery or the best experience? The answer is easy. They want it all!