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TBS193 How to King Kong your marketing with Sabri Suby

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We all know that to be a great marketer you have to be one of 'those' creative types. Wrong. To be a great marketer you need to be great with data. You've also got to be good at analysing, testing, making decisions and making sure your advertising is generating a positive return on investment. Marketing that doesn't

TBS191 Michael Boltman from Brenniston First Aid talks happy wives, business failure and knowing your strengths

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Safety first.  It's something we use a bit tongue-in-cheek these days but it's so important. A bit of the old 'plan for the worst, expect the best' doesn't go astray when it comes to safety on site, in the workplace or in our homes. So what about when things don't go to plan? Well, it's important

TBS190 How to avoid a building or renovating disaster with Amelia from Undercover Architect

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"Aaaarrgghhh! They've put the window in the wrong place!" If you've ever built or renovated a home you might be familiar with those words...or words like them! Almost everyone has a horror story from that time they renovated the bathroom, extended the family room or built their dream home.  Why are these stories so persistent?

TBS188 Travelling Tradies – use your trade to score free overseas travel

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My guest today is a man on a mission...with a moustache. His name is Adam Valastro and while his moustache doesn't officially have a name, his business certainly does. Travelling Tradies was created by Adam, and essentially, that's what he does. After working in construction for nearly a decade, Adam travelled the world for nearly

TBS187 A former soldier shares his lessons on business, marriage and changing identities

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No doubt you're familiar with the stress of changing job, career path or perhaps an evolving role within your own business. How do you think you'd handle the shift from being a highly trained member of the Australian Army to being an employee at a local gym in a small regional town? My guest on

TBS182 Are we too PC and what is it costing us?

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We've come a long way as a society in the past few hundred years (or more). Huge advances in technology, healthcare, working conditions and our treatment of groups such as women, children, immigrants and so on. Sometimes, we see the pendulum swing too far in the other direction and in today's episode I chat to

TBS178 Waz gets sick for tradie health month

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Bugger. I hate being sick. Problem is, I've got nobody to blame except myself! I know that it usually happens when I deviate from my own 'rules' about taking care of myself. Sometimes it's emotional stress (hard to avoid) or my nutrition gets a little off-track (LOVE a good pie!) or most commonly, I end