TBS093 But Things Will Be Different This Time

You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity before… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

Sadly, many of us actually do this without realising it and in today’s episode we take a look at a story that illustrates this point. Wazza also gets back into using his favoured analogies so order is restored!

The crux of this episode is learning to recognise the real problems in your business and your life and solving them. All too often we end up blinded by problems that aren’t really at the root of our issue and therefore we waste time and resources trying to solve something that doesn’t change our situation. At least not for the long term.

TBS091 Could You Be In An Abusive Relationship?

It can be terrible to be stuck in an abusive relationship. Even mental, emotional abuse can be debilitating and paralysing. But what if there’s only one person in that relationship and the abuser and the victim are both yourself?

It’s a sad reality that many of us are in the habit of ‘kicking our own a*#e’ when we mess up. From something as simple as dropping our keys or breaking a glass to more significant events like losing money or making a poor choice about an employee or a customer. It’s an all to common practice to beat ourselves up, berating ourselves for our ‘failure’ or poor performance.

So what?

Well, if you spoke to a spouse, partner, employee or friend the way you speak to yourself, would they tolerate it? Would you expect them to?

Listen in as Waz and Michaela talk you through recognising the signs and some tips on how to break the cycle… and start being kinder to yourself and the others around you.

TBS090 Buddha, BBQs and How To Lead A Team with Wazza’s Mate Jay

It’s out. Warrick has been having an affair on Michaela. Better yet, we get Wazza’s new podcasting flame on the Tradies Business Show to spill the beans! Seriously though, Wazza and Jay are launching a new podcast called Throw Buddha On The Barbie. Putting it simply, these two clowns have … Read More

TBS087 40 Things To Do Before You’re 40

Do you have a ‘bucket list’? A list of things to do before you die? If you do, perhaps some of them seem a bit far fetched, or don’t actually motivate or inspire you to do anything differently on a day to day basis? Well, Michaela recently turned…. and age … Read More

TBS074 20 ABN’s|30 1300 Numbers|40 Kilograms|Adam Leishman Shares Some Inspiring Numbers

Have you ever been for a run and thought, “I should really do this more often…like every day”?

Well, apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Adam Leishman has been running for 400-odd days straight PLUS lost over 40 kilograms in that time. He’s also got more than 30, 1300-numbers to help track his marketing and roughly 20 ABN’s, all keeping his different business interests in order.

TBS073 Are You Being A Victim? How To Tell And What To Do About It

You can’t see yourself swing. Someone famous said that, we think it may have been Tiger Woods…or maybe it was his coach.

Either way, it’s hard to know if you’ve gotten into a bit of a ‘victim’ mentality because it’s hard to observe yourself. Problem is, living your life as a victim really messes with your results, happiness and the happiness of those around you (if they can stand to be with you!).

So sit down, tune in and take note – we’re here to help you figure out if you’ve slipped into some limiting behaviours AND what to do about it if you have.

TBS067 Doona Days and Titty Girls

Have you ever had ‘one of those days’? We’re sure you would have. Well, we have them to and in today’s episode we talk about what to do when you have your next crappy day so you bounce back better and brighter, ready to keep striving for your goals. Michaela … Read More

TBS066 Real Tradie Stories with Steve Hatchman from Aspect Cabinetmakers On Hiring and Firing, Outsourcing and Recovering From A Car Crash

For many of us, having a serious car accident and not being able to work in our chosen trade again would be pretty tough to come back from.

But for Steve Hatchman from Aspect Cabinetmakers, this gave him even more motivation to broaden his skillset and, of all things, start his own cabinet making business! Not only that, Steve has gone on to create a million dollar business with more than 10 staff and providing cabinetry to some of SE Queensland’s largest builders as well as retail and commercial customers… all at the ripe old age of 29!

Listen in as Steve shares some of his big learnings throughout his journey as well as his tips for:

overcoming the fear of growing
hiring and firing staff
finding the time to enjoy life while still succeeding in business and
how to keep a positive frame of mind when things get tough

TBS059 Lessons Learned From Tropical Think Tank 2015

Michaela went to the Philippines recently…yeah, I tuned out about then as well!

Hang on a minute though. Apart from taking a well earned break, she went to hang out with some pretty serious entrepreneurs who were talking all things outsourcing, online marketing, content marketing and building a business that really does work ‘without you’. Guys like Chris Ducker, James Schramko, John Lee Dumas and more all shared their insights and experience. Pretty sure a few cocktails were consumed as well…

It was called Tropical Think Tank and apart from her incredible grand entrance (listen in to find out how she got the attention of the entire crowd!), Michaela brought back some really useful tips for you in your tradie business.

Tips on how to get more done with your time, creating more gratitude in your life and the best way to deal with emails are just a few of the great tidbits Michaela managed to smuggle back into Australia in her boogie board bag. Oh hang on, different country…