TBS058 Locked out of your business, giving back and the one thing every successful entrepreneur does with Ronsley Vaz

Food. It’s fuel for our bodies, pleasure for our tastebuds, medicine for our ills and a great way for families and friends to connect.

As a former restaurateur and professional chef, Ronsley Vaz, host of the top-rated Bond Apetit podcast, knows lots about food, nutrition and how to feed our bodies.

Even more interesting than Ronsley’s love of food and nutrition is his back story – he’s a former engineering-student-turned-chef and after building up a successful restaurant in Brisbane, turned up one day to find himself literally locked out of his business!

This forced Ronsley to rethink his whole life and future direction and nowadays he’s a personal chef to high powered entrepreneurs, host of Australia’s #1 food podcast and the brains behind Podcast Revolution. Ronsley shares some of the lessons he’s learned through his colorful journey in business and in life as well as one of his passions – giving back, through the B1G1 initiative.

Tune in to find out why there’s more to food than meat and three veg…

TBS043 How Paying Attention Will Change Your Life with Martina Sheehan

Ever found yourself having a conversation with someone, only to realise they haven’t heard a single word you’ve said? Worse still, you see that they’ve been secretly looking sideways out of their sunglasses either at their phone, the cars going past or the hot girl/guy walking past?!

Well, you’re not alone. While technology has certainly improved our lives in numerous ways, one undesirable side effect is our decreasing attention spans…

Sorry, just checking Facebook while I wrote this (Dad-joke?!)

The short of all this is, well, that our attention spans are too short and it’s leading to problems with:

Kids’ education
employee results and satisfaction
Our relationship with our spouse/partner
quality of production on site and in the workplace
stress and anxiety levels and so on and so on.

We chat with Martina Sheehan from Mind Gardener and co-author of the book ‘One Moment Please’ about the problem of short attention spans and lack of focus, how this is affecting our business and personal life and of course, what we can do to start to change this.

TBS029: Julie Cross on Why What Other People Think Of You Is None Of Your Business

In this episode we’re joined by Julie Cross – mother, entertainer and most of all an amazing storyteller. Julie is one of Australia’s most sought after presenters and caused something of a social media stir recently with her ‘bikini post’ on Facebook that scored 143,000 likes in just 24 hours and a reach of over 3.5 million!

More than anything, Julie will share with you why a positive mindset and strong self belief are some of the key ingredients to not only a successful business, but a successful and fulfilling life as well. Julie shares her own personal story of nursing her husband for 4 years after he had a stroke, losing him just 6 years ago and how her son’s diagnosis with autism around the same time shook her resilience.

Grab a notepad and pen (and maybe a box of tissues) as Julie entertains us, moves us and above all inspires us to take responsibility for the way we all think and feel.

TBS028: Tim Reid Talks Marketing Your Tradie Business For Free

Today we talk to Timbo Reid, host of Australia’s number 1 marketing podcast, Small Business Big Marketing.

We’re both fans of Tim’s podcast and actually credit Timbo as being one of the catalysts for us starting our show.

Tim is a guru when it comes to marketing a small business and a tradie business is no exception! In fact, Timbo reckons that Tradies have a great opportunity to improve their business through smart marketing that doesn’t cost a cent. With over 200 interviews with successful small businesses under his belt, Timbo shares his tips on marketing a tradie business like:

paying attention to the little things
creating ‘wow’ moments with customers
taking action on customer feedback
showing people you care
freely sharing your expert knowledge as a way to show your expertise

and much, much more.

There really was marketing gold dripping from the Tradies Business Show ceiling in this episode so jump in and take a listen!

TBS022: How To Improve Your Relationship With Money With Michelle House

In this episode we interview Michelle House – The Money Maven, about how to improve the relationship you have with money AND how that can help you with more than just your business… if you get our drift.

No? Still not clear? Well, when it comes to husbands and wives, getting better with your money talk can definitely improve the bedroom conversation.

Clearer now?

Michelle also shares her tips for budgeting better, saving more and just generally how to be more comfortable with the folding stuff (and how to be smarter with the fantastic plastic)

TBS018: How To Smash It In 2015

In this episode we take a look at how to smash 2015 and make it a great year for your business but more importantly, for you and your family.

Warrick and Michaela put goal setting under the spotlight and talk about:

How to give yourself a fighting chance to achieve your goals
Making sure your goals relate to your personal lifestyle and aren’t just about business (and money)
What to do if you don’t reach your goals and targets and
Who you should include when picking a point to aim at

Warrick also shares some information about his upcoming free webinar – How To Smash 2015, where he’ll take you through a simple, 5 step process to make sure your business supports your quality of life.

TBS017: Was It Good For You? 2014 In Review

They say you’re only as good as your last performance, so it makes sense to review each year in your tradie business when the full time siren sounds on December 31st!

In this episode of the show we discuss:

The importance of locking in our key lessons from the past year
Our own learnings and what we plan to do differently next year
How to improve your quality of life and results using a simple score card (click her to download it)
Some of the small things that can generate great results in your business
How to increase prices AND get more customers!

TBS013: Why Leaving Your Business Could Actually Improve It

We record our first ‘on location’ episode…at the pub! We enjoy a quick counter meal after recording a guest interview on site and discuss the importance of time out from your trade business and how it can help you:

increase your chance of hitting your goals in 2015
recharge your batteries so you perform better, for longer
allow you to rethink what worked and what didn’t, and
actually enjoy the things you work so hard for all year!

To find out more about Michaela’s ‘business babysitting service’ go to www.tradiesva.com.au/business-babysitting