TBS011: How To Sell More Without Being Salesy

Yep, we’re talking sales! Mention used cars, real estate or mobile phone plans and the first thing that comes to mind are pushy, selfish salespeople, right? Problem is, as business owners we’re all in sales regardless of the role or industry we’re in. So how do you attract and convert more customers, without being pushy or salesy and falling into those negative steroptypes? We share some strategies in this episode to help with just that.

TBS010: Tradies Hot Seat with Helen from The Plumbettes

The first of our Tradies’ Hot Seat victims is Helen Yost from the all-girl plumbing business The Plumbettes. Helen asked for help via a social media group to deal with the Christmas slow down experienced by many tradie businesses.

We invited Helen into the studio for a live consultation and looked at some simple ways she could generate some more leads quickly, convert more of those leads into customers and do it profitably and without spending a ton of money on advertising.

We covered strategies and topics such as:

defining your target market
measuring the effectiveness of your marketing
alliances and how to make them work
social media strategy
the use of free PR to get traffic to your site
and so much more!

TBS008: How To Have A Healthy Body, Mind and Bottom Line with Sharny Kieser

Today we interview Sharny Kieser who, along with husband Julius, has authored 13 books on fitness including
the worldwide bestsellers FITlosophy 1&2, Healthy Junk, Fit, Healthy Happy Kids and Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum. They have 5 children and live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Find out more by heading to their website

Sharny talks with us about:

-How to keep fit when you’re tired after a long day on the tools
-Eating right for energy, stamina and a good looking bod
-Balancing work, family, exercise and meal planning, and
-Some simple tips on keeping your relationship hot!

TBS 001: Welcome to the Tradies Business Show

This first episode is all about learning what the Tradies Business Show mission is as well as finding out who the hell the co-hosts of the Tradies Business Show are – Warrick Bidwell and Michaela Clark.

PLUS we share one thing that you can start doing today that will lead to massive results in your trade and construction small business.