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Staff Training – Why You Need To Invest

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If I had a dollar for every tradie who told me they don't need to send their staff off to training, I'd be wealthy and if they listened to my advice, they'd be less poor! One of the biggest business expenses is staff, so if you hire a team member and their good, you want

TIB036 Waz & Nic on the keys to building a winning team of tradies

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Staff can be tough to find, lead, motivate and retain. Waz and Nic have had their fair share of positive and... learning... experiences with team over the years, both in their own businesses and with their clients and members. Find out the lessons they've picked up over the last 10 years or so.

TIB025 Putting Out Staff Fires With Brent Clayton of Fire Recruitment Australia

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A really interesting look into the world of firefighting, and a business that grew organically from the embers of the struggle to get through the recruitment process. This weeks guest Brent Clayton, from Fire Recruitment Australia, saw a void in the market and filled with a business that is growing rapidly. www.firerecruitmentaustralia.com.au

TIB005 What is EQ and Why You Need To Know With Karen from People Alignment

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What is EQ and how on Earth could it be something I need to run my trade business? Emotional Intelligence is something we all have to varying degrees. It controls how we react to any given situation. Made up of 5 key areas: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. Having well developed EQ skills,

TBS187 A former soldier shares his lessons on business, marriage and changing identities

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No doubt you're familiar with the stress of changing job, career path or perhaps an evolving role within your own business. How do you think you'd handle the shift from being a highly trained member of the Australian Army to being an employee at a local gym in a small regional town? My guest on

TBS183 How to build your dream team with Aleki from Alfastream

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"You can't get good staff" How often have we heard that old chestnut? How often have you said it? Sadly, it's partly true and in this modern era attracting and retaining good people to your team is a key to growing a solid, sustainable trade business. While recruiting, training, systems and management are all part of

TBS181 Where are they now? – James from Paintway

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With more than 150 episodes in the bank for the Tradies Business Show, I thought it was time to go back through the archives and see what some of our past guests are up to. The first of these is our mate James from Paintway up in sunny Toowoomba. James first spoke to me back

Risky business for tradies

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In addition to watching their backs this Tradies National Health Month, Tradies are being encouraged to ensure their safety practices are up to scratch to avoid serious injury or even death. It comes as Australia’s tradies continue to have among the poorest health and safety conditions of workers across all sectors. Statistics have shown that

Should you use a recruiter?

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Today we are joined by Justin Falk, Founder of recruitment startup TalentVine and discuss whether it is worthwhile to hire a recruiter to find your next team member.  In this episode we also cover: What to look for in a good recruitment company What services a recruitment company should be offering you Common hiring mistakes made

Creative ways to find new staff and subcontractors

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  Once you've decided to grow your team and employ another (or your first!) team member, the next challenge is finding them! With much competition for good tradespeople and office staff, the old avenues don't always attract the right people. Waz and Mic take you through some creative and sometimes very successful ways to find