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TBS151 We turn to a reality TV Pawn Shop Show for hiring and firing advice

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Staff. It's a subject that makes many a business owner tremble with fear, rage, frustration and sometimes even excitement! In today's episode we turn to an unlikely source for hiring and firing tips - Hardcore Pawn on Foxtel's A and E channel. Yes, you heard right, Pawn Stars (no, not porn stars!).  Michaela loves a bit

How this business turned team conflict into team work

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“Don’t speak to me like that again mate”You could have heard a pin drop. In fact, if they weren’t standing around in a circle in the back of a large mechanical workshop, you could have heard everyone hold their breath.A very tall and very intimidating looking mechanic had just told his much younger service manager

TBS125 How to avoid employer-employee suffering

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Employers. Employees. A battle royale. Well, you'd think that's what it was all about with the way some of us carry on! There seems to be a divide between employers, bosses, business owners, whatever you want to call them and employees, staff, workers or team. The amusing part of this is that we all start out as employees and many of us then go on to own our own business and become employers. Somewhere in there, we all lose touch with the others' needs and wants and somehow, end up fighting and literally hating on each other! Well, it is possible to have a great team. To work for a great boss. Even to have both in the same business at the same time!

TBS123 – How to get 12x ROI on Facebook Ads with Nick May

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It's been a long time coming but we've finally got Nick May from Walls By Design back on the show. Nick's been a busy boy and as well as updating us on the latest results he's had with his painting business, Walls By Design, he shares his secret sauce strategies for crushing it on Facebook. Nick has been able to generate a 12 times return on investment on Facebook marketing but the best part is he's done it all with almost no prior knowledge of Facebook campaigns. He's also created most of his posts and ads with his smartphone! Nick gives us his step by step approach to booking tens of thousands of dollars directly from Facebook PLUS he drops a couple of clangers at the end of the episode to really harness the power of this social platform. Make sure you share your experiences with us via the website or our own Facebook page.

TBS119 Oh What A Feeling – A Toyota dealer shares his secrets to a winning team

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These days, Brett Mills can literally do the 'Toyota jump' with joy at the health of his team. There's a strong culture, great work ethic, community spirit and so many more positive aspects that make working at Ken Mills Toyota almost as good as driving off in a new Landcruiser. Well, almost. It wasn't always this way for Brett, who took over from his dad, Ken, quite some years ago. Brett has had to work hard on creating this culture and the results that come from it and in this episode, he shares those tips and insights. We also get the inside running on how to get the best deal on your next car, PLUS the future of car technology and entertainment. Oh what a feeling...! (sorry, Warrick still thinks his jokes are funny)

TBS112 When will things get easier? A simple guide for tradies

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When will this end? Why can't I catch a break? What did I do to deserve this? Ever had those questions in your head? Perhaps even said them out loud a time or two? Well, you're not alone. It's common to feel like you've killed the proverbial Chinaman sometimes in your trade business but fortunately there's something simple you can do about it. Change your mind. Yep. Just change your mind. There's no quick fix, secret sauce strategy to dealing with staff issues, customer complaints, supplier slow downs or any of the other challenges you face, and will continue to face in your business. There is one simple way though to stop stressing so much. Stop feeling so beaten down and worn out. Change your mind! Don't believe us? Try it, but listen to this episode first so you learn how to do it properly!

TBS101 How to avoid a Fair Work claim with Matt from Murdoch Lawyers

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Fair Work. Those two words are enough to send shivers through the toughest tradie's body. If you've ever employed staff, you've probably had to let somebody go at one time or another. If so, you may have had the spectre of an unfair dismissal claim hanging over you, even if it was only in your mind. It's a real risk when employing people but it doesn't need to be the big, scary monster it's made out to be. There are things you can do to not only protect yourself in the event you do have a claim but to prevent it getting to that stage in the first place! We talk to Matt Bell from Murdoch Lawyers about some of the simple things you can do to prevent or at least minimise Fair Work issues with your employees. Murdochs specialise in construction and trades and Matt really knows his stuff.

TBS091 Could You Be In An Abusive Relationship?

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It can be terrible to be stuck in an abusive relationship. Even mental, emotional abuse can be debilitating and paralysing. But what if there's only one person in that relationship and the abuser and the victim are both yourself? It's a sad reality that many of us are in the habit of 'kicking our own a*#e' when we mess up. From something as simple as dropping our keys or breaking a glass to more significant events like losing money or making a poor choice about an employee or a customer. It's an all to common practice to beat ourselves up, berating ourselves for our 'failure' or poor performance. So what? Well, if you spoke to a spouse, partner, employee or friend the way you speak to yourself, would they tolerate it? Would you expect them to? Listen in as Waz and Michaela talk you through recognising the signs and some tips on how to break the cycle... and start being kinder to yourself and the others around you.

TBS090 Buddha, BBQs and How To Lead A Team with Wazza’s Mate Jay

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It's out. Warrick has been having an affair on Michaela.Better yet, we get Wazza's new podcasting flame on the Tradies Business Show to spill the beans!Seriously though, Wazza and Jay are launching a new podcast called Throw Buddha On The Barbie. Putting it simply, these two clowns have an Australian, blokey chat about all sorts

TBS084 The Anatomy of a Winning Team Meeting

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When was the last time you held a weekly team meeting? You know, with your entire team? If it was more than a week ago then you're missing out on some very powerful leverage from your staff. After all, they're the ones who have the potential to really drive your business improvement and growth. If you want to get the most from your people, you need to lead them, develop them, inspire them and guide them. One very effective way to make all this easier is to create a strong culture in your business and some solid communication skills.