TIB008 Like LinkedIn for Tradies, Only Better! with Josh from Good Work

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Hands up if you love networking! No? Don't worry, even if you're good at it there's a fair chance you don't love it. Which could explain why many of us don't do it! Despite knowing that networking is a powerful way to get more business, find subcontractors or builders to work with and to raise

TBS201 DIY SEO in case you’re an IDK on Google with Kate Toon

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SEO is super important and super hard and expensive to do. You'd think that was true, based on the comments and complaints of many of our listeners and my Tradie Wingman clients. The reality is, SEO can be quite challenging to master and there are (like any industry) unscrupulous operators charging lots and delivering... well... not

TBS195 How to find good subbies and contractors with Keith from Conx Jobs

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An Australian and an Irishman walk into a bar... only in this case, the bar is actually a Skype chat and it's today's episode of the Tradies Business Show ;) I have a great chat with Keith Moore, one of the founders of Conx Jobs. Keith was an Irish immigrant to Australia and while on

TBS194 How to innovate in your trade business with Laura from 8 Homes

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Adapt or die. It's a pretty blunt maxim for life...and business. And with the pace of change in today's digital business landscape, how on earth do you keep ahead of the wave in your trade business? Well, one such building company has found a unique way to do just that. Villawood, one of Australia's leading

TBS189 Getting a 15 times return on Facebook ads and NOT doing what you’ve always done with Nick May from Walls By Design

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Unless you've been living under a rock you'd know that social media, and Facebook especially, gets a lot of eyeballs a lot of the time! My guest today has been on the show a number of times and Nick May from Walls by Design just keeps going from strength to strength. Last time we spoke

TBS184 Where are they now – Andrew and Briohny 2 years on

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It's amazing how easy it is to forget where we've come from. We're all so focused on growth, progress and striving for more that we often neglect our past. Today's episode of the show sees us take a look back 2 years to my first chat with Andrew Janes from Midas. Andrew and his partner

Should you charge credit card fees?

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Today we tackle the age old question of on charging those merchant credit cards fees. This episode is proudly supported bridge app for tradies.   New Bridge App feature - Accept payment via Credit Card without any fees! Payments up to $5000. No set up fees. For a limited time Bridge are covering all transaction

TBS167 Simple hacks to help you take a break from your business

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Today Warrick and Michaela share some tips on getting the most from your summer break away from  your business.  This episode is proudly supported by Bridge:  Break-up with paperwork today and run your business on the go with Bridge. Bridge is like the bacon & egg roll of apps for your tradie business. Bridge keeps