Working Virtually

TBS198 Unlocking the secret to more word of mouth with Robert Gerrish author of The 1 Minute Commute

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If you're like most tradies, you probably get a lot of your business from word of mouth. Here's a question for you though...what the heck is that, exactly? Is it spontaneous referrals? Raving fans out doing your selling for you? Accidental tip-offs? Even more importantly, if you're going to be a responsible, proactive trade business

TBS194 How to innovate in your trade business with Laura from 8 Homes

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Adapt or die. It's a pretty blunt maxim for life...and business. And with the pace of change in today's digital business landscape, how on earth do you keep ahead of the wave in your trade business? Well, one such building company has found a unique way to do just that. Villawood, one of Australia's leading

TBS120 How to declutter your business and create some space for a great 2016

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Stuff. It's everywhere. It's in your closet, your filing cabinet, your garage, your hard drive, your bathroom, under the sink, at the back of the freezer. Worst of all, there's often an abundance of stuff in your head. Many of us accumulate all kinds of stuff in our lives. Both the physical and emotional stuff can become clutter and it's this clutter that often keeps us from implementing new ideas, taking on opportunities, or adding another motorcycle to the garage. Well, you can never have too many toys (or tools) right? Anyway, jokes aside, it's quite liberating and also very productive to clear out the clutter once in a while and make space for new opportunities, customers, profits! Michaela shares her top tips for simplifying your life and your business in this episode of the Tradies Business Show and shares her 'theme' for 2016.

Tradie Tech Update from Tradiepad

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  Here are the latest tech and software updates this month from our Technology partners Tradiepad. Mobile Payments A common request we receive is around "mobile payment systems". No longer do you need expensive EFTPOS equipment and fees, or pay ridiculous fees to a bank. Just like the job and project management tools we work