TBS195 How to find good subbies and contractors with Keith from Conx Jobs

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An Australian and an Irishman walk into a bar… only in this case, the bar is actually a Skype chat and it’s today’s episode of the Tradies Business Show 😉

I have a great chat with Keith Moore, one of the founders of Conx Jobs. Keith was an Irish immigrant to Australia and while on a stint as a carpenter in the Caribbean some years ago (which must have been awful), he hatched the idea of solving a problem he was encountering himself – how to find work as a carpenter and contractor.

Keith unpacks how he came up with the idea, how him and his partners got started, some of the challenges transitioning from tradie to digital entrepreneur and what drives him on a daily basis. I really enjoyed this interview and love what Keith and the team are doing for the industry. This is definitely worth a listen whether you’re looking for work, looking for subbies, want to learn more about growth or just want a laugh and some inspiration, Keith’s words of wisdom are gold. Provided you can understand his accent of course…