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But if you want bragging rights and a new accolade for your business cards, throw your hat in the ring and enter now .

We don’t care if you wear a Bunnings, Akubra or terry towelling hat – as long as you’re a trade business, you’re eligible.

And unlike other business awards, it’s: Quick, Simple, and a dickhead-free zone.

So hats off.

And may the best tool win.

Tradies in business awards

Your guide to the bullshit-free Business Awards for tradies

Key dates

Entries open: 12th February
Entries close: Midnight 26th March
Awards night: April 23rd, 7pm Daylight Savings Time (Sydney/Melbourne)


Single and ready to mingle

Sole traders

One to four (and no more!)

You plus 1-4 employees
5+ hardworking (wo)men

5+ employees




The Top of the Trade category is the absolute pinnacle of the Tradies in Business Awards.

Yes, your submission needs to be a little more in-depth. It’s because the judges are looking at the whole shebang, from numbers and marketing through to people, systems and safety.

And because judges look at everyone within their own context, even the solopreneurs have a chance at being the Big Kahuna come awards night!

So take the leap, back yourself, and enter now.

You deserve it.

BEST Sole Trader

Just because you're a sole trader doesn't mean you shouldn't be crowing about your brill-skills as a tradie in business.

Swinging singles is where it all starts anyway, so tell us what makes you such a catch.


Like a teenager who's coming of age, this category award recognises the commitment, effort and guts it takes to run a great business with employees.

This is where real Tradiepreneurs begin to emerge.


With more mouths to feed than a couple of happy rabbits, the winner of this category will prove they can take care of more than just their own to-do list!

Great teams require great leaders and this business owner will be that, and more.

MINOR AWARDS CATEGORIES (and still totally sick!)

Kick-Ass Apprentice

Got an apprentice who has been with you for over six months and absolutely rocks? If they’re a self-starter who deserves to be recognised, nominate and tell us why


You know how bosses are generally the biggest pains in our arse? If you have one who isn’t a bosshole*, celebrate them. Nominate your boss and tell us why he or she is the Bang-Up Boss of the Year. It’s your chance to vote for the bosses

Critical but Concealed… the Real Boss Award

They may be behind the scenes, but they’re with you every step of the way.

We’re talking about the real boss – the one by your side during the hard slog. The one knee-deep in paperwork. The other half of the business who just gets on with it, making things happen but without the accolades, glamour or public profile.

Best Start-Up

Think you don’t stand a chance against Rod down the road whose been running his business for the last 20 years?
Think again!

If you’ve taken the leap and started your business in the last 12 months, get your ass into this category!

The good times and bad, the highs and lows, the successes and failures – they’re all part of it! Be recognised, and also give yourself a chance to reflect on what you’ve achieved.

Bet it’s bloody brilliant, so spill the beans

The Biggest and Best Tool

We started Tradies in Business to support our fellow tradies. But we enjoy so much support, we want to say thank you.

So this is our way of high-fiving that member who is constantly engaging with peers, shares the Tradies in Business brand with others, and readily offers information and support to peers.

This is our choice… could it be you?

Most Authentic, Awesome and Awe-Inspiring Online Presence

Remember when we relied solely on magnets and pamphlets? The evolution of tradie marketing, from branding through to digital and everything in between, shows a transparency to our trades that’s never been seen before.

This award isn’t about the fanciest website – it’s about those businesses that aren’t afraid to be authentic and vulnerable online. If you’re consistent with social media engagement, use Google reviews, send newsletters, sell online – anything! – you need to enter

Industry Champion Award

Are you a business – or do you know a business – that champions their industry? That’s proactive within their community? Or is active with a social cause or enterprise?

Self-nominate or nominate today. These champions deserve a toast, three cheers and a shitload of thanks for what they do, so let’s give it to them.

When it’s OK to Not be OK –
Mental Health CHAMPION

This category recognises those businesses that prioritise people and are active in the fight against mental illness.

Whether it’s increasing discussions around mental health in the workplace, providing support services for employees when they need it, or ensuring work/life balance, you’re a mental health champion.
Nominate now

Best Forward Somersault Award

Had a crap time of it? We want to recognise a business that has emerged from the crap and transformed.

We’re not looking for A+ perfection (some would call this category the ‘Most Improved’, but we think of it as a forward roll because there is no end).

So – we’re looking for stories of momentum and evolution. Tell us how much your business has changed between Point A (crap) and Point B (not-so-crap).

*Note: While videos of you doing forward somersaults are not part of the judging criteria, they will be genuinely appreciated for the humour and humiliation potential come Awards Night.

*Bosshole [noun] A person that turns into an asshole ten seconds after becoming the boss.

Tradies business awards
Quick tip:
Choosing your Categories
With Uber Eats catering on the big night, there’s no doubt this is the crème da la crème of business awards. You want to win. So when considering your category, think about the category (or categories) that:

Is my business eligible?

Do you nod to any of the following? You’re in.
  • Your alarm goes off at piss early in the morning
  • You swing the ute past a servo or bakery to grab a coffee (sometimes iced) and a sausage roll and/or pie for brekkie (either that or a four-pack of V and a pack of Winnie Blues)
  • You completed an apprenticeship (thanks TAFE/trade college)
  • You’re a registered Australian business
  • You call yourself a sparkie, brickie, chippy, dunny diver, etc – just not a desk driver
  • You’re good. Damn good.


Winners and Highly Commended receive:

  • A 2021 Tradies in Business Awards logo (Highly Commended or Winner) to include in your collateral
  • Awesome swag to celebrate your achievements
  • A Press Kit (category winners and highly commended)
  • Targeted exposure to our sponsors and entire membership base via:
    • Live event streaming
    • Social media exposure
    • eNewsletter
    • A post-Awards ‘pick your brain’ podcast, and more.

How do the awards work?

  1. Choose your category/categories from those above.

  2. Register HERE. We’ll shoot through the questions and other info.

  3. Read through and answer the questions (video, email… however suits you. This isn’t school or a job application – we just want you to be you).

    TIP: Download our awesome Awards Cheat Sheet first!

  4. Sent? Crack open a coldie (you’ve earned it).

    All that’s left is coordinating your awards night menu, deciding on your outfit (on the top half at least!)*, and thinking about who to thank should you be called to the microphone.

    * Let’s go Black Tie – outside of King Gees and Tradie Undies, we don’t often get a chance to show off our style! Could there be a Best Dressed Award on the night? And the possibility of surprise drop-ins? All will be revealed…


Free marketing
Even if you don’t win, you’ll have more eyes on your brand than a high vis shirt at the high-rollers table.
Force yourself to sit down and take a good hard look at yourself (as well as suss out the competition).
Street cred
Get a stamp of approval that means almost as much as one from your mum.
Your team needs YOU
Boost team morale (proven to decrease absenteeism and increase productivity!)
Pulling power
Pitching yourself as the best of the best in your industry can bring in fresh new talent and attract higher-value clients, driving your business forward.

You’ve got what it takes, and we promise it’s not just another wanky awards program – so let’s do it!

But first, get cracking with our FREE awards cheat sheet.
Trades business awards

Just realised you need tickets for mum? And don’t forget the in-laws…

Buying extra tickets is easy! Simply shoot us an email with the quantity, names and email addresses of all attendees. We’ll take care of the rest, even the seating arrangements. Just blame us for seating the in-laws in their own loungeroom...

It’s time to kick some ass.

Be part of the world’s first bullshit-free Business Awards for Tradies.

Don’t hesitate – and don’t let anything throw a spanner in the works.

You love what you do.

You’re damn good at it.

And you’ve created a business that’s bloody awesome.

So let’s give it the recognition it deserves.