TBS200 BONUS! How to get a FREE vehicle first aid kit from Brenniston

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Did you know it’s Australian law that every worker in a workplace must have access to a first aid kit?

Did you also know that a work vehicle is deemed to be a ‘workplace’?

I chat to a former guest today, Michael Boltman, from Brenniston First Aid and Safety about an initiative they’re running from the 3rd to the 9th September 2018. Brenniston are putting their hands in their pockets and giving away a free vehicle first aid kit to anyone who spends more then $99 with them during the promotion week.

Michael and the team are alarmed at some of the statistics from a recent workplace safety survey they undertook which showed just 29% of vehicles had first aid kits in them.

Even if you don’t take up their offer, make sure you take care of your team (and yourself) and install a first aid kit in every company vehicle and workplace.

It could save someone’s life.


Click here to check out their offer of a free vehicle first aid kit