TBS193 How to King Kong your marketing with Sabri Suby

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We all know that to be a great marketer you have to be one of ‘those’ creative types.


To be a great marketer you need to be great with data. You’ve also got to be good at analysing, testing, making decisions and making sure your advertising is generating a positive return on investment.

Marketing that doesn’t get the phone ringing or the email pinging is ineffective and should be stopped. (Or at least modified and retested!)

4 years ago Sabri Suby was broke. He decided to set up his own marketing agency…from his bedroom, using a computer his girlfriend had bought for him!

Today, Sabri heads up King Kong – one of Australia’s fastest growing companies and Australia’s #1 fastest growing digital agency! With a multi-million dollar turnover, Sabri practices what he preaches and has an absolute focus on Return On Investment marketing. He and his team zero in on the effectiveness of campaigns… not in terms of reach or influence but in terms of real numbers like bookings, sales, sign ups and so on.

I chat to Sabri not just about his rapid rise to the top of marketing in Australia, but also about some of the tough lessons he’s learned in business and in sales, and about what it takes to market a small business effectively in today’s climate.

He’s a no-nonsense, high-energy business leader and has some great advice for tradies no matter their marketing budget!

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