TIB005 What is EQ and Why You Need To Know With Karen from People Alignment

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What is EQ and how on Earth could it be something I need to run my trade business?

Emotional Intelligence is something we all have to varying degrees. It controls how we react to any given situation.

Made up of 5 key areas:

  1. Self-awareness,
  2. Self-regulation,
  3. Motivation,
  4. Empathy and
  5. Social Skills.

Having well developed EQ skills, allows you as the business owner to ensure the effective handling of stresses that arise in your day to day running of your business.

Picture this, your client is on the phone shouting about how your subbie has just put a hole in the wall. 5 minutes later your subbie is on the phone shouting about the client’s reaction. For most people this would trigger all sorts of stress responses which could create inappropriate responses to both client and subbie!

With strong and well developed EQ, a controlled, compassionate response rather than a reaction, can be formed. Interested? Listen on!


Karen has kindly shared her presentation and starter workbook for our listeners.

Download them below…

EQ Presentation



EQ Starter Workbook



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