TBS198 Unlocking the secret to more word of mouth with Robert Gerrish author of The 1 Minute Commute

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If you’re like most tradies, you probably get a lot of your business from word of mouth.

Here’s a question for you though…what the heck is that, exactly?

Is it spontaneous referrals? Raving fans out doing your selling for you? Accidental tip-offs?

Even more importantly, if you’re going to be a responsible, proactive trade business owner… how do you build WOM into your marketing plans? How do you increase your WOM business if you want to grow? After all, WOM is one of the best types of enquiry and custom to get!

Well, in today’s episode I chat to a bloke who, of all the people out there, should know a thing or two about word of mouth and about kicking off a business from scratch and making it something great.

Robert Gerrish has a marketing and advertising background…selling one of his early businesses to Saatchi and Saatchi. Haven’t heard of them? Oh, they’re just one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies!

After coming to his senses and migrating to Australia, Robert promptly created Australia’s largest community of ‘solopreneurs’… with over 100,000 members. He recently sold that business to some guy called David Koch… please tell me you’ve heard of him!

Robert and I discuss some of the oft overlooked strategies you could be using in your trade business to generate more WOM and just more business in general. We also cover some ground – digging into the keys to working alone, finding balance, getting clear on your values and even how to set your office up properly!

Oh and did I mention Robert’s just written his second book ‘The 1 Minute Commute’?

Well he has. And It’s awesome. So go check out Robert and his book (after you listen to the episode of course) over here <<check out the book>>