TBS196 Daniel Simone talks building a family, a life, a business and a home

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In today’s episode I chat with Daniel Simone of Simone Homes AND his new podcast, The Build.

Daniel is a builder, a businessman, an employer, a husband and a father. He’s seen some ups and downs and through it all he’s learned that his head plays a massive part in the results he sees in his life. From humble beginnings he’s now an award winning entrepreneur and has a passion for sharing his insights, tips and wake-up calls with anyone who subscribes to his social media channels! 

Daniel’s very active on Youtube and Instagram and as well as talking headspace we take a look at what he’s doing to attract not only customers, but a following of tradies and other business people.

Check out Daniel’s podcast The Build on iTunes and all the other platforms or find him on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and the Web.

This is a great look at a young tradie who’s having a red hot go…and making a difference as he does.