TBS079 Real Tradie Stories with Keiren Welzel from Kombo

In today’s Real Tradie Story we talk to a guy who’s replacing steel and timber beams with…. plastic! Yep, Keiren Welzel from Kombo is a former engineer who’s bringing reinforced polymer beams to the Australian construction industry and changing the face of a long standing industry. We talk to Keiren … Read More

TBS050 Creating Profitable Partnerships with David Dugan

Well, we made it.

50 episodes since we first sat in front of our shiny new microphones and uttered those words… “welcome to the Tradies Business Show”.

It’s been a fantastic journey (so far!) and we’ve learned a lot. We’d also like to think the show keeps getting better and we’ve got more planned for the next 50 episodes…


Before we get too misty eyed and way off track, let’s focus on what this episode is all about!

We thought it would be fitting to interview the man behind the meeting behind the Tradies Business Show – David Dugan. Dave was the guy that introduced Warrick and Michaela to each other so technically, if it wasn’t for David Dugan, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

David’s specialty is helping clients create profitable partnerships, also known as alliances or referral relationships. He’s the go to guy if you want to secure steady leads from partners who could also benefit from being associated with your business.