How To Take A Real Holiday

Taking a holiday is front of mind this time of year. With all the stress of the silly season, it is the thought of a holiday that keeps us ploughing on. When we take a holiday though, we often don’t really relax, the phone is still on, the emails keep coming. … Read More

TBS112 When will things get easier? A simple guide for tradies

When will this end? Why can’t I catch a break? What did I do to deserve this?

Ever had those questions in your head? Perhaps even said them out loud a time or two?

Well, you’re not alone. It’s common to feel like you’ve killed the proverbial Chinaman sometimes in your trade business but fortunately there’s something simple you can do about it.

Change your mind.

Yep. Just change your mind. There’s no quick fix, secret sauce strategy to dealing with staff issues, customer complaints, supplier slow downs or any of the other challenges you face, and will continue to face in your business.

There is one simple way though to stop stressing so much. Stop feeling so beaten down and worn out.

Change your mind!

Don’t believe us? Try it, but listen to this episode first so you learn how to do it properly!

TBS109 Real Tradie Story: Bec from The Plumbette

In an industry of stereotypes one woman has made a mark. You’d think the daughter of a plumber would want to do anything but plumbing when she was old enough. That’s exactly what Bec from The Plumbette did though, join her father in their family plumbing business!

As well as being a lady tradie, Bec had an eye for marketing and business so she helped her dad improve their already solid business.

Unfortunately, Bec was faced with a tough decision recently and we chat to her about how she handled this big shift, what she’s up to now and why blogging is one of the top strategies for any trade business.

TBS108 Nic and Alex de Bonis talk Wurble

Coming up with a name for a new business or idea can be tough. Nic and Alex de Bonis thought long and hard about the name of their new app before settling on – Wurble.

“It was about the only thing we could come up with that wasn’t already registered” they said!

In any case, it’s a memorable name and is certainly an app every tradie should be checking out (and downloading… it’s free!) With backgrounds in IT and marketing, this brother and sister duo have come up with something unique for the tradie market to help:

tradies connect with other trades in their area, industry and to complement their trade
market their projects to the public
share ideas amongst their peers
and so much more
We think these guys have nailed it (pardon the pun!) and we’d love to get your feedback too.

Check out the website at or better still, go to the app store for your device and download the app. It’s free!

TBS104 Is Work Life Balance Possible or is it BS?

Work-life balance. We all want it. But what the hell is it, and can it even be achieved in this day and age?

In this episode of the Tradies Business Show, Waz and Michaela dig deeper into this concept (and argue a bit!) to find out if this holy grail of business ownership exists.

You might think the answers are simple but think again…and listen in to find out!

TBS095 Industry Spotlight with Penny Cornah from Master Plumbers Queensland

Plumbers unite!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but the Master Plumbers Association sure are working hard to bring plumbers together.

Why? Well, plumbing can be a complex, compliance-heavy game and without adequate support, plumbers could find themselves on the wrong side of local and state governments. Not to mention the wrong side of your customer’s cheque book!

Master Plumbers are also working hard to ensure unlicensed operators are dealt with and discouraged to ensure the tradies doing the right thing aren’t disadvantaged.

Even if you’re not a plumber, this episode has some great tips about industry associations, why you should seriously be joining if you’re not already a member and the importance of systems and procedures in your trade business.

TBS094 Are You A Pleaser? How To Tell And What To Do About It

It feels good to make others happy. They smile, you smile. All is good with the world.

But what if we told you making other people happy could be bad for your health?

Pleasing others is something we’re probably taught as kids but some of us take it a bit far. So much so that we can end up putting others first all the time and sacrificing our own happiness in the process. This can lead to burnout, resentment, poor performance and even the opposite of pleasing – aggression.

In today’s episode the guys take a look at this sneaky little habit and how to recognise your own tendencies in this area. Plus, Waz and Michaela give some tips on how to strike a better balance so everybody smiles.

TBS093 But Things Will Be Different This Time

You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity before… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

Sadly, many of us actually do this without realising it and in today’s episode we take a look at a story that illustrates this point. Wazza also gets back into using his favoured analogies so order is restored!

The crux of this episode is learning to recognise the real problems in your business and your life and solving them. All too often we end up blinded by problems that aren’t really at the root of our issue and therefore we waste time and resources trying to solve something that doesn’t change our situation. At least not for the long term.

TBS092 Markup Margin And What They’ve Got To Do With Your Bank Account

Margin. GP. Markup. Gross Profit. Net Profit. Revenue. Sales.

What the heck do all these things mean and are they even different?

Unfortunately it’s a question not every business owner can answer. In fact, no many business owners can tell the difference between all these, how they relate to each other and how they all lead to one very important outcome: CASH!

We put together a quick episode to (hopefully) give you some more clarity about margin and markup in particular as they have a huge impact on how much money you make on materials and labour. Knowing the difference and how to calculate them will also help you quote jobs correctly so you don’t find yourself working for clients for free… or worse still, paying clients to work for them!

Warrick has also put together a margin/markup calculator you can use to help figure out your pricing and whether you’re on target. You’ll find it in the Tradies Business Toolkit so head on over and grab this handy tool for just $1*