TBS122 How to reboot past customers and get them coming back

If you’re a tradie and you’re in business you’ve no doubt spent countless hours and dollars chasing more clients, more revenue and more profit.

You’ve probably also heard the sayings about ‘the diamonds in your own backyard’? Well, there’s an often overlooked strategy to grow your revenue that is exactly that.

Rebooting past clients.

If you’ve been in business for more than a few months you’ll have clients who used you once, then you never heard from them again and… let’s be honest, you never bothered to talk to them again either.

Shame on you!

Seriously, you took their money, possibly said thank you and then ignored them? Sounds a bit like a one night stand (of sorts…apart from the money changing hands!)

Anyway, what if you went back to all your past clients and asked them if they’d like to come back and use you again? What if some of those people said ‘yes’? They already know you, are familiar with your great service and quality, so ‘selling’ to them is heaps easier than to a new customer who’s never dealt with you before. Cheaper too!

In this episode, we give you some simple strategies for reactivating your past clients, saving yourself a bucket of cash on marketing strategies and giving your top (and bottom) lines a quick boost.

TBS080 Waz and Michaela Talk Making It Easy To Buy Part 1

Have you ever though about how easy it is from customers to actually buy from you? In today’s episode we ask you to take a walk in your customer shoes and see what it is like. Plus we argue whether you should accept AMEX or not!

TBS043 How Paying Attention Will Change Your Life with Martina Sheehan

Ever found yourself having a conversation with someone, only to realise they haven’t heard a single word you’ve said? Worse still, you see that they’ve been secretly looking sideways out of their sunglasses either at their phone, the cars going past or the hot girl/guy walking past?!

Well, you’re not alone. While technology has certainly improved our lives in numerous ways, one undesirable side effect is our decreasing attention spans…

Sorry, just checking Facebook while I wrote this (Dad-joke?!)

The short of all this is, well, that our attention spans are too short and it’s leading to problems with:

Kids’ education
employee results and satisfaction
Our relationship with our spouse/partner
quality of production on site and in the workplace
stress and anxiety levels and so on and so on.

We chat with Martina Sheehan from Mind Gardener and co-author of the book ‘One Moment Please’ about the problem of short attention spans and lack of focus, how this is affecting our business and personal life and of course, what we can do to start to change this.

TBS035 How To Deal With Negative Feedback On Social Media

Social media…it’s a part of business these days. Mostly, it’s a great way to promote your business, connect with and engage your customers, share stories and generally to create a community around your tradie business. But what happens when someone who’s not happy with you or your product or service, … Read More

TBS034 Undercover Tradie – How Do You Answer The Phone?

It’s the bane of tradies the world over – the dreaded customer phone call. They always seem to ring when you’re up to your elbows in… well, whatever it is you’re normally up to. You have to drop everything, answer the phone and then it’s either a tyre kicker, telemarketer or worse still, a supplier chasing payment.

Why won’t everyone just let you do your job?

Well, the problem is, these calls also make you money and it’s a challenge to work out the best way to answer the phone, who should answer it and how to deal with the enquiries when you get them.

In this episode, Warrick and Michaela go ‘undercover’ and call 10 tradies at random to see how they measure up against the 3 key phone answering standards:

Answer by the 3rd ring
Say ‘hello’ with a friendly voice AND state the name of the business called
Tell the caller their name, something like “…this is Bob”

Listen in to see how our tradies faired and whether Warrick and Michaela’s predictions are accurate.

[Note: Time on the phone was kept to an absolute minimum and the tradies were simply told we had the wrong number to let them get back to whatever they were doing quickly]

TBS031: What Would Wazza Do Vol1 – How To Avoid Customer Service Disasters

Have you ever had one of ‘those’ jobs where you knew it was going to go pear shaped from the start? Where you wished you’d listened to your gut instinct and told the customer you were booked out, or too dear or something?! They can be a real nightmare when it comes to your customer service standards and making sure your name isn’t tarnished as a result.

Well, in our first installment of ‘What Would Wazza Do?’ we take a look at a situation just like this where a tradie took on a job that was doomed from the start. We also discuss some ideas for how to deal with this and how to avoid a similar customer service disaster next time…and an argument with your spouse!

TBS028: Tim Reid Talks Marketing Your Tradie Business For Free

Today we talk to Timbo Reid, host of Australia’s number 1 marketing podcast, Small Business Big Marketing.

We’re both fans of Tim’s podcast and actually credit Timbo as being one of the catalysts for us starting our show.

Tim is a guru when it comes to marketing a small business and a tradie business is no exception! In fact, Timbo reckons that Tradies have a great opportunity to improve their business through smart marketing that doesn’t cost a cent. With over 200 interviews with successful small businesses under his belt, Timbo shares his tips on marketing a tradie business like:

paying attention to the little things
creating ‘wow’ moments with customers
taking action on customer feedback
showing people you care
freely sharing your expert knowledge as a way to show your expertise

and much, much more.

There really was marketing gold dripping from the Tradies Business Show ceiling in this episode so jump in and take a listen!

Narrow Niches Mean Nice Numbers

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Want More Customers? Take Off Your Shoes.

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