TBS054 Why Your Image Says More About Your Business Than Your Words with Jason Malouin

You know the saying, a picture tells a story, right?

Well, when we’re dealing with customers and running a business it’s truer than ever. The way you look tells your customers, suppliers, competitors and staff a story about you, your business, your service and so on.

And we’re not just talking the way you look. We’re talking vehicles, uniforms, stationery, website…

It’s a much-overlooked area of marketing and promoting a trade business…the pictures of you and your team. They say so much to a prospective customer, especially when you realise that people don’t buy from companies or businesses…they buy from people. More to the point, people buy from people they like (and trust) and if they’re sitting on their couch or at their dining table looking at your website, and a photo your 9 year old kid took on your iPhone to upload the the ‘About Us’ page of your website…what does that image say to your potential client?