TBS122 How to reboot past customers and get them coming back

If you’re a tradie and you’re in business you’ve no doubt spent countless hours and dollars chasing more clients, more revenue and more profit.

You’ve probably also heard the sayings about ‘the diamonds in your own backyard’? Well, there’s an often overlooked strategy to grow your revenue that is exactly that.

Rebooting past clients.

If you’ve been in business for more than a few months you’ll have clients who used you once, then you never heard from them again and… let’s be honest, you never bothered to talk to them again either.

Shame on you!

Seriously, you took their money, possibly said thank you and then ignored them? Sounds a bit like a one night stand (of sorts…apart from the money changing hands!)

Anyway, what if you went back to all your past clients and asked them if they’d like to come back and use you again? What if some of those people said ‘yes’? They already know you, are familiar with your great service and quality, so ‘selling’ to them is heaps easier than to a new customer who’s never dealt with you before. Cheaper too!

In this episode, we give you some simple strategies for reactivating your past clients, saving yourself a bucket of cash on marketing strategies and giving your top (and bottom) lines a quick boost.

TBS109 Real Tradie Story: Bec from The Plumbette

In an industry of stereotypes one woman has made a mark. You’d think the daughter of a plumber would want to do anything but plumbing when she was old enough. That’s exactly what Bec from The Plumbette did though, join her father in their family plumbing business!

As well as being a lady tradie, Bec had an eye for marketing and business so she helped her dad improve their already solid business.

Unfortunately, Bec was faced with a tough decision recently and we chat to her about how she handled this big shift, what she’s up to now and why blogging is one of the top strategies for any trade business.

TBS108 Nic and Alex de Bonis talk Wurble

Coming up with a name for a new business or idea can be tough. Nic and Alex de Bonis thought long and hard about the name of their new app before settling on – Wurble.

“It was about the only thing we could come up with that wasn’t already registered” they said!

In any case, it’s a memorable name and is certainly an app every tradie should be checking out (and downloading… it’s free!) With backgrounds in IT and marketing, this brother and sister duo have come up with something unique for the tradie market to help:

tradies connect with other trades in their area, industry and to complement their trade
market their projects to the public
share ideas amongst their peers
and so much more
We think these guys have nailed it (pardon the pun!) and we’d love to get your feedback too.

Check out the website at www.wurble.com.au or better still, go to the app store for your device and download the app. It’s free!

TBS093 But Things Will Be Different This Time

You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity before… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

Sadly, many of us actually do this without realising it and in today’s episode we take a look at a story that illustrates this point. Wazza also gets back into using his favoured analogies so order is restored!

The crux of this episode is learning to recognise the real problems in your business and your life and solving them. All too often we end up blinded by problems that aren’t really at the root of our issue and therefore we waste time and resources trying to solve something that doesn’t change our situation. At least not for the long term.

TBS082 Should You Sponsor The Local Footy Club

Seems like a simple answer – “yes”.  Wazza doesn’t agree and shares the reasons why as well as some rules you can apply to all your marketing, whether it’s the local footy club, the coasters at the surf club or your phone book listing! We’re not saying don’t sponsor the … Read More

TBS070 Tradies Hot Seat with James Tarbuck from Paintway

In this episode we strap another tradie into the Tradies Business Show hot seat!  This time it’s James Tarbuck from Paintway – a family owned painting business in the busy regional city of Toowoomba, Queensland. James gets a grilling on issues in his business like quoting, goal setting, his personal … Read More

TBS054 Why Your Image Says More About Your Business Than Your Words with Jason Malouin

You know the saying, a picture tells a story, right?

Well, when we’re dealing with customers and running a business it’s truer than ever. The way you look tells your customers, suppliers, competitors and staff a story about you, your business, your service and so on.

And we’re not just talking the way you look. We’re talking vehicles, uniforms, stationery, website…

It’s a much-overlooked area of marketing and promoting a trade business…the pictures of you and your team. They say so much to a prospective customer, especially when you realise that people don’t buy from companies or businesses…they buy from people. More to the point, people buy from people they like (and trust) and if they’re sitting on their couch or at their dining table looking at your website, and a photo your 9 year old kid took on your iPhone to upload the the ‘About Us’ page of your website…what does that image say to your potential client?

TBS050 Creating Profitable Partnerships with David Dugan

Well, we made it.

50 episodes since we first sat in front of our shiny new microphones and uttered those words… “welcome to the Tradies Business Show”.

It’s been a fantastic journey (so far!) and we’ve learned a lot. We’d also like to think the show keeps getting better and we’ve got more planned for the next 50 episodes…


Before we get too misty eyed and way off track, let’s focus on what this episode is all about!

We thought it would be fitting to interview the man behind the meeting behind the Tradies Business Show – David Dugan. Dave was the guy that introduced Warrick and Michaela to each other so technically, if it wasn’t for David Dugan, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

David’s specialty is helping clients create profitable partnerships, also known as alliances or referral relationships. He’s the go to guy if you want to secure steady leads from partners who could also benefit from being associated with your business.