TBS074 20 ABN’s|30 1300 Numbers|40 Kilograms|Adam Leishman Shares Some Inspiring Numbers

Have you ever been for a run and thought, “I should really do this more often…like every day”?

Well, apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Adam Leishman has been running for 400-odd days straight PLUS lost over 40 kilograms in that time. He’s also got more than 30, 1300-numbers to help track his marketing and roughly 20 ABN’s, all keeping his different business interests in order.

Narrow Niches Mean Nice Numbers

You’ve heard the saying right? ‘By being all things to all people you’re in danger of being nothing to nobody’? What’s this really all about though and what’s it got to do with being narrow minded? Let’s consider two rivers – The Colorado River in the United States and The … Read More

What If I Was Your Next Customer?

I don’t know about you, but it seems that a lot of businesses are struggling to attract new customers.  I hear many business owners talk about how customers are price focused, that competitors are driving prices down and that customers aren’t loyal to shops or brands or businesses anymore. The … Read More